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    Hot Pressed Castor oli 100ml (Glass Bottle)

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    Castor oil has been used for various purposes by our ancestors since ancient times. Pure oil can do wonders and it is one of the oils you should be having in your closet! 

    Native castor oil is extracted from original roasted castor beans and is hand pounded in traditional brass vessels. The extracted oil is then strained to remove any small particles or remains and can be stored in clean glass containers for long term usage. 

    External application of Castor oil:

    Castor oil can be applied directly or can be mixed with coconut oil for external application to treat multiple issues.


    This pure oil helps to promote hair growth and helps to reduce hair fall. It is said to have improved hair thickness as well. People also use this oil to increase hair thickness and growth in the eyebrows/eyelashes. Since the viscosity of this oil is high, you can combine it with a suitable oil of your choice and apply it to the scalp. Leave it overnight and gently wash with mild herbal shampoo. It also reduces the symptoms caused by dandruff, ie; itchiness, dryness, and weak roots. Regular application can make your locks look more thick and shiny.


    Castor oil effectively reduces acne, rashes, and mild scars. It also moisturizes skin during winter. Regular application on the skin can improve the texture of the skin, make it supple, and increase the glow. It is also said kings and queens had regular castor oil face and body massage to reduce pigmentation. It was part of their exotic luxury skin and hair regime. Castor oil is one of the popular ingredients in many anti-aging skincare products, both in Ayurveda and cosmetics. 

    Internal consumption of castor oil:

    When consumed internally, it cleans the liver, gut, smooth bowel movement and helps the whole body.

    Hot-pressed castor oil acts as a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This therapeutic property can treat skin-related infections/rashes. High amounts of antioxidants in it helps to improve the functions of every organ internally and also work as an anti-aging agent. 

    Handmade castor oil is safe and suitable for babies and adults. The oil retains high amounts of medicinal properties for a long time when it is extracted through the traditional methodology. 

    Before using, please do a patch test to check if you are allergic to the oil and use the oil liberally for treating various ailments. 

    You can buy organic castor oil online by visiting our website We stock castor oil regularly and is available all-round the year. 

    Use our products which are 100% certified organic to nourish and promote good health, for a better future. 


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