Bhoker Pain Balm

Bokhar Pain Balm

It is a unique combination of herbs that are effective in treating cold, fever, cough, body ache, headache, ear pain, indigestion, sinusitis and migraines. It can be consumed to treat issues like constipation, loose motion or diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and regulates bowel movements. The pain balm is a multipurpose, one-stop solution for many health ailments.

Bokhar pain balm is a one-stop solution for multiple health ailments. It is a miracle medicine which is multipurpose and can be used by all age group people. The specialty of this product is, that it can used both internally and externally.

Basic ingredients of the thailam are Omam (ajwain), Tulsi (Holy basil), Krambu (clove), Pudhina (mint leaf) and other herbs.

Benefits of Omam(Ajwain)

Omam, also called as Ajwain/carom seeds, has been in use in Ayurveda since ancient times. Our ancestors always had the seeds handy in the kitchen to treat indigestion, cough or cold. Apart from these, omam is very effective in regulating cholesterol levels, normalizing blood pressure, reduces inflammation internally, reduces bloating and gas build up. Know more about Bokhar pain Balm

Benefits of Tulsi(Holy Basil)

Tulsi is a herb that is native to India, has many healing health benefits that can be consumed by people of all ages. Tulsi is rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for day-to-day nutrition. It naturally boosts immunity, treats infections, treats cough, cold and fever. It also improves cardiac health and regulates blood pressure. It also improves skin, hair and general health.

Health Benefits of Krambu(Cloves)

Cloves is one of the popular spices that adds great aroma and flavour to any food that is cooked. It is also found to have many medicinal properties that help to maintain better health. Cloves are rich in anti-oxidants, aids better liver health, regulates blood pressure, reduces blood sugar and treats any digestion related issues. It is also a natural anti-bacterial agent. Know more about Bokhar pain Balm

Health Benefits of Pudhina(Mint Leaves)

Mint leaves are used by many people in daily cooking that carries a unique flavor and fragrance. It also contains many therapeutic properties. It aids to eliminating issues like bloating, indigestion, bad breath and cough. It can be added in regular tea, lemon juice or just chew some leaves and enjoy the benefits.

Along with the above-mentioned ingredients, there are other secret herbs added in the bokhar pain balm, that is very effective in treating the below mentioned issues.

Headache – Apply few drops in the pain area
Body pain – Apply few drops in the affected area along with hot or cold press
Cough – Just add a drop of the solution in 100ml warm water and consume
Fever – Just add few drops of the solution in 50ml warm water and consume
Sinus – Apply in the pain area
Ear pain – Pour a drop of the solution in the ear
Mouth ulcer – Apply directly in the affected spots
Gum pain – Apply directly on the gums
Nausea – Just add a drop of the solution in 100ml warm water and consume
Stop loose stools – Drink few drops of the solution with 50ml water
Relieve constipation – Drink few drops of the solution with 50ml water
Bug bites – Apply the solution in the affected spot
Digestion issues – Drink few drops of the solution with 50ml water

This is a safe medicine that can be consumed by adults to treat all be above mentioned health ailments. This is also safe for children above one year – dosage should be less than a drop. Know more about Bokhar pain Balm

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