Thirikadugam - 100gm

KapilaNalam thirukadugam – Combination of Dry ginger, Pepper, Long pepper. Dry ginger used is skin removed and then cleansed before powdering it as per the tradition

Solves lung and gastrointestinal problems

Improves immunity

Promotes digestion


Thirikadugam is a powder that is prepared by combining equal proportions of dry ginger (sukku), peppercorns (milagu), and long pepper (thippili). This ayurvedic powder has the efficiency to treat and prevent cough, cold, asthma, indigestion, gastritis, bad cholesterol, viral infections, regulates bowel movements and ulcers in internal organs. The ingredients in thirikadugam are highly pure and the powder is manufactured without any preservatives. It also helps to boost immunity and fight the pandemic. Thirikadugam powder is one of the Ayurveda herbal powders that is widely used by many. The ingredients in thirikadugam aids in stabilizing the metabolism effectively. It also reduces bad cholesterol levels which in turn helps in maintaining a healthy heart. It also helps to flush out toxins from the body.

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