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Nattu sakkarai, also know as country sugar in English is know by many other names in India

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English - Jaggery, Gud

Telugu - బెల్లం, Bellam

English - Bella, Bella

Malayalam - ശർക്കര, Sarrakara

Punjabi - ਗੁੜ, Gura

What exactly is Nattu Sakkarai or Organic country sugar? 

Organic country sugar, or unprocessed sugar is widely called as Nattu Sakkarai in southern India. It is also called as organic brown sugar. Nattu sakkarai or country Sugar is the broken-down form of Jaggery, which is completely unadulterated and 100% natural. There are many health benefits that one can gain by using Jaggery powder instead of White sugar. Know more about the difference between White sugar and Country sugar.

Some light on the regular White sugar we consume daily and its health effects

With global exposure to food adulteration and chemicals used in processing natural food items, people have gradually started moving towards organic products. Sugar is something a person consumes daily. The industry has made an impression that whiter the sugar is of the best quality. Sugar is naturally brown, and it is bleached to make it white. The process also rips out the natural minerals that are present in the sugarcane extract.

Top 6 health benefits of Nattu sakkarai

1. Improves bone strength
Nattu Sakkarai is a good source of calcium. This form of Jaggery powder carries the same amounts of calcium even when it is broken down to smaller crystals. Consumption of this organic sugar can help you improve bone health and help children develop stronger bones. It can be added to simple fruit juice or milk every day. Know more about Nattu Sakkarai.

2. Reduces food craving
White sugar, when it enters the body, it gets pumped up into the internal system rapidly. Therefore, it also increases the craving for more sugar. But country sugar does not increase the desire to eat more food; it satiates the appetite for more sugar. Therefore, with regular consumption of country sugar, one can avoid eating junk food. Know more about country sugar. It is also noticed that Brown sugar’s Glycemic index, which is at 64, is much lesser than the processed sugar. This makes it a healthy alternative to white sugar.

3. Helps to reduce weight
If you compare Jaggery vs. White sugar, both have almost the same amount of calories. However, the former retains more nutritional value. Country sugar is loaded with minerals like Zinc and Potassium, which help maintain the electrolyte levels in your body, thus aiding in weight loss. The Glycemic index value comparison also indicates that Jaggery is a better choice when compared to White sugar.

4. Detox
It works as a detox by eliminating toxic waste from the body. It flushes out toxins from liver and other internal organs. It also boosts the functioning and overall stamina of the body. Know more about Nattu Sakkarai

5. Prevents constipation
The minerals and complex molecules in this organic country sugar helps to prevent constipation and improves the bowel movements.

6. Prevents free-radicals
Country sugar contains plenty of antioxidants that help to prevent free radicals in the body. It also helps slow down the aging process, which in turn helps lead a healthy life. 

Organic country sugar that is also OORJv certified can be purchased from the Kapilanalam website.

Know more about country sugar.

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